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When Tom Chases Jerry: Unleash the Whirlwind Power of Licensed Merchandise

Imagine you’re at the supermarket, mulling over whether to buy the usual boring brand of cereal or try something new. Suddenly, you spot a box with Tom chasing Jerry around the corner of the aisle. Before you know it, you’re chuckling, and the cereal box is in your cart. Welcome to the power of licensed merchandise—where even a cartoon chase can lead to real-world sales. 

Step into the whimsical world of Tom and Jerry with this exclusive peek inside this Tom and Jerry pop-up store at Shenzhen, where nostalgia meets innovative merchandising. Image credit: ShenzhenLOOK

In this blog, we explore why popular licensing characters like Tom and Jerry isn’t just about fun and games; it’s a strategic move that bridges online and offline worlds, drives engagement, and creates a viral buzz, turning everyday shoppers into avid fans and products into must-have items.


The Magic of Licensed Merchandise


When Tom Chases Jerry, Everyone Watches: The Power of Licensed Characters

Tom and Jerry themed phone cases, crafted to turn heads and spark conversations – a great example of infusing a daily accessory with the joy of nostalgia and the vibrancy of innovation! Image source: Pop It Out

 There’s something irresistibly compelling about seeing familiar faces on merchandise. According to a study by Licensing International, merchandise licensed with popular characters can boost sales by over 30%. Why? Because when consumers see beloved characters, the recognition sparks joy and engagement, making the purchasing decision easier and more enjoyable. Imagine Tom, typically the laziest cat, making everyone in the supermarket pause and look—that’s the magic of licensing!


Dive into a world of vibrant, visually stunning Tom and Jerry merchandise displays. Each item tells a unique story, bringing the iconic chase into your daily life while showcasing the power of licensed characters to transform spaces and inspire connections. Image credit: ShenzhenLOOK


Fun Fact: Tom and Jerry recently clinched the award for Favorite Animated Series/Film at the Licensing Horizons Awards 2024. This accolade is a testament to the duo’s enduring global appeal and their reliable brand of slapstick comedy that continues to captivate audiences worldwide, proving their worth as a powerhouse in both entertainment and marketing arenas.


The Success Story of Family Mart Taiwan’s Tom and Jerry Merchandise Campaign 


Discover the magic of nostalgia with Family Mart Taiwan’s exceptional Tom and Jerry loyalty program✨. Explore the whimsical range of innovative and coveted merchandise that captured hearts and flew off the shelves in record time! Image source: Family Mart Taiwan


Family Mart Taiwan embarked on an ambitious journey with Warner Brothers in 2022, launching a loyalty program featuring an innovative Tom and Jerry merchandise series. This collaboration aimed to blend nostalgia with practical lifestyle products, creating an appealing collection for both young and older generations alike.


Campaign Highlights and Product Range 

The campaign offered an assortment of products ranging from apparel and phone stands to unique items like a cheese-shaped mug and plush toys mirroring the flattened appearances of Tom and Jerry. The initiative was designed to engage customers through a points-plus-cash system, fostering both accessibility and exclusivity.


Image source: Family Mart Taiwan


Unprecedented Success

Scheduled to span two months, the program’s success surpassed expectations as all merchandise was fully redeemed within a mere five weeks. The allure of Tom and Jerry, coupled with the merchandise’s inventive design and utility, tapped into the collective nostalgia and enthusiasm for collection, driving widespread participation.


Conclusion and Impact Analysis

The rapid redemption of the merchandise underscores the power of leveraging iconic characters and the effectiveness of well-structured loyalty programs in boosting repeat purchases. The campaign not only highlighted the enduring appeal of Tom and Jerry but also demonstrated the potential of combining timeless pop culture elements with modern marketing strategies. This initiative serves as a benchmark for future collaborations, showing how classic entertainment properties can be revitalized through creative retail experiences.


Building Bridges Between Online and Offline


From Screen Time to Store Time: Licensed Merchandise’s Role in O2O Strategies


Sip in style with Tully’s Coffee Japan’s exclusive Tom and Jerry limited edition merchandise. Image credit: Tully’s Coffee Japan


Characters like Tom and Jerry don’t just live on the TV screen; they pop up where you least expect them, turning online fans into offline buyers. Retail campaigns featuring these characters often see increased store visits as fans rush to collect limited edition promotional gifts, proving effective in driving real-world traffic through online teasers. Imagine Tom trying to use a smartphone to catch Jerry, only to increase his screen time—sounds like something we’d all watch!


Social Currency and Viral Potential


Share, Like, Repeat: How Licensed Merchandise Turns Engagement into Virality

More delightful merchandise from Tully’s Coffee Japan’s limited edition Tom and Jerry merchandise. Perfect for collectors and coffee lovers alike, this exclusive series brings a dash of fun to your daily brew. Image credit: Tully’s Coffee Japan


When was the last time you shared a picture of a regular soda can? Now, what if it had Tom mischievously peeking from behind the logo? Licensed merchandise naturally lends itself to social sharing, offering brands not just visibility but a form of social proof. It’s like Jerry posting a selfie with a product to escape Tom—it’s bound to go viral!


Overcoming Purchase Barriers in Trade Channels


Catch Their Eye: Licensed Merchandise in the Aisle

Remember these Tom and Jerry merchandise by Miniso that stole hearts? These limited edition merchandise became an instant hit and a social media sensation. Image source: Miniso 


In the cluttered environment of trade channels such as a supermarket, a product with a licensed character like Jerry can easily catch a shopper’s eye. The familiarity and emotional connection with the character can reduce hesitation and justify a slightly higher price, making these items powerful tools in overcoming purchase barriers. It’s like Tom trying to negotiate with Jerry using a licensed toy instead of setting a trap!


Strategic Insights and Practical Takeaways


Implementing Licensed Merchandise: A Blueprint for Marketers

Playful designs of Tom and Jerry merchandise. Image source: ShenzhenLOOK 


Integrating licensed merchandise requires more than just slapping a cartoon on your products. It’s about aligning the character’s attributes with your brand values and ensuring the partnership feels authentic to consumers. The key is to choose characters that resonate with your target audience and utilize them thoughtfully across your marketing channels. And remember, don’t let Tom plan your merchandise strategy unless you want everything to end up in a mouse trap. 



From increasing brand visibility to enhancing consumer engagement, licensed merchandise offers a plethora of benefits that can transform ordinary promotions into extraordinary experiences. Whether you’re looking to drive foot traffic or create a viral online campaign, consider how iconic characters could amplify your marketing efforts.


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