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What We Do

DTC World is a premium and POSM merchandise solution company, with full-fledged capabilities in global fulfilment that is backed by decades-long experience in the industry.

The formula for our company’s steady relevance as one of the major players in the industry, spanning over twenty years, is epitomised by our in-depth proficiency in licensing character merchandise, further supported by a constellation of comprehensive and innovative solutions.

From design conceptualisation and ideation, to product sourcing and production QC, all the way to order fulfilment and digital portal — we are humbled to have assisted some of the largest multinational organisations across the globe in their marketing campaigns through our expertise.

Here’s how we do it.

In today’s fast-paced world, the ability to adapt to changing market conditions is essential for any business to remain competitive and successful. A resilient brand has the ability to adapt, change direction and constantly realign itself to its customers’ needs. At DTC World, we pride ourselves on providing a ‘resilient formula’ to keep your brand top of mind — as you navigate your brand visibility in the age of transformation.

We offer specialised and highly customised design and development services that bring top-of-the-line products for marketers to help get their ideas off the ground.

Continuous innovation, unique design and quality product solutions remain top priorities in how we do things at DTC World.

We believe in leveraging technology such as offering a web portal order system for our clients to better manage their procurement process — to achieve greater cost savings and better efficiency. Our robust network of factories in the Asia Pacific stems from years of working on different marketing campaigns and strong technical knowledge in the industry.

With our APAC presence and local knowledge, we are poised to support the growth of global brands with world-class merchandise solutions for their marketing campaigns. Learn more about how we get results

Our commitment to sustainability

In the interest of transparency, DTC World has made available its archive of past and present sustainability-related documents for you to download. Learn more about the progress we are making against our goals.