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Quby Character Promotional Gifts for Unilever Malaysia

quby bags showcase

Client: Unilever Malaysia


For Unilever Malaysia, driving brand engagement in competitive retail environments like Guardian and Watsons required a standout strategy. Leveraging the beloved Quby characters, DTC World was tasked with creating a series of unique, licensed character merchandise. These items were designed to increase on-site visibility and enhance consumer interaction with Unilever brands such as Lifebuoy and Vaseline

Quby Travel Cosmetic Storage Box

Quby cosmetic storage box

Travel in style with the Quby Travel Cosmetic Storage Box – a perfect partner for keeping essentials organised on-the-go 

Quby Leather Cosmetic Bag

Quby PU Pouch

Chic meets functionality with the Quby Leather Cosmetic Bag for the Vaseline brand. 

Quby Lunch Bag

The Quby Lunch Bag for Guardian retail channels.

The campaign was strategically launched to capitalise on the appeal of Quby characters, integrating them into everyday consumer products. This approach was aimed at generating excitement and engagement among shoppers, thereby boosting brand visibility and loyalty. 

The choice to use Quby characters was pivotal. Designed to be adorable and visually appealing, these characters resonated well with the target demographic, enhancing the attractiveness of the merchandise. The versatility of the Quby design also meant that it could be seamlessly adapted across different Unilever brands, maintaining a cohesive promotional narrative.

The Results:

Social Media Buzz

Consumers began treating the Quby merchandise as collectibles, frequently sharing their acquisitions on social etwork platforms. This not only amplified the campaign’s reach but also fostered an organic buzz around Unilever brands.

Cross-Brand Leverage

By utilising a uniform character across various products and brands, Unilever was able to maintain a consistent thematic presence in trade outlets, making their campaigns more memorable. 

Customer Loyalty

The collectible nature of the merchandise spurred repeat purchases as consumers sought to complete their Quby collection, thus driving higher sales volumes.

DTC Services Used:

Design, Sourcing, Production, Logistics


The Quby character promotional campaign exemplifies a successful merging of creative merchandise solutions with strategic brand positioning. By transforming everyday products into coveted collectibles, Unilever not only heightened the consumer’s shopping experience but also set a new standard in character licensing for promotional merchandise.

These campaigns clearly underscored the potential of character-based marketing as an effective tool in capturing the imagination of consumers, turning ordinary promotional activations into extraordinary brand interactions.

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quby bags showcase