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Unilever Vaseline x Quby — [Limited Edition] Licensed Character Promotional Merchandise

Brand: Unilever Vaseline



Marketers often favour licensed characters for their marketing efforts for several compelling reasons. For example, the popular Starmoly Quby, have an established fan base. As one of our many licensed characters projects, the following series of promotional merchandise includes personalised ceramic bowls and trendy reusable tote bags, which we have sourced and designed for Unilever VASELINE.


Ceramic dinnerware is often associated with quality and durability, leading consumers to perceive it as a valuable and practical gift — thus, making it an attractive incentive for making a purchase or participating in a promotion. This series of promotional ceramic dinnerware designed for Vaseline presents a versatile wide-mouth noodle bowl and a ceramic soup bowl that comes with a lid.


Keeping the visual aesthetics of its all-white background minimalistic, we have incorporated adorable Quby characters in the visual. By leveraging popular characters in your promotional campaigns, you can effectively tap into the existing enthusiasm and loyalty of fans — potentially reaching a wider audience and creating deeper engagement.

Ceramic kitchenware are practical items that serve a functional purpose in households. (You can always browse a wide selection of ceramic merchandise on our website for more gift ideas to complement your campaigns.) Your customers and recipients are more likely to appreciate and use these practical promotional gifts in their daily lives. Repeat usage leads to long-term visibility, and in return provides a high level of mindshare for your brand each time they are utilised — thereby reinforcing your brand in your consumer’s mind.


Mix-n-match your licensed character brand merchandise and present them in a trendy and functional Quby custom tote bag — perfect for grocery shopping or a bag accessory to complement your #OOTD any time of the day! With such spacious branding space made available on the tote bag’s surface, we pair the playful character artwork with vibrant and contrasting colours for the bag and handles to make a bold fashion statement.


In a nutshell, a strong branding message paired with popular licensed characters can greatly amplify your promotional offers and campaigns. If you’re looking for a suitable character to bring your brand to the next level, or identifying the most befitting merchandise to reward your customers — let DTC World assist you in every step of the process.





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