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Elevating OATSIDE’s Retail Visibility with Customised POSM Solutions

Oatside posm standee display showcase



In the bustling realm of retail, standing out is a necessity. Oatside, a trailblazer in the dairy alternatives sector, seeks to elevate its on-shelf presence and engage consumers directly at the point of sale. Teaming up with DTC World, their ambition is to innovate their retail strategy and transform the shopping experience with uniquely customised Point of Sale Merchandise (POSM)

Oatside Mascot Standee

Oatside bear mascot standee

The Oatside Mascot Standee, placed beside the Oatside Push Cart at an event, drawing smiles and attention with its vibrant presence, and perfectly complementing the Oatside experience (image: Oatside)

A vibrant, life-size standee of the Oatside mascot, crafted to bring a slice of the brand’s playful and wholesome character directly into retail spaces. 

Oatside Display Standee, Countertop Display

Oatside display standee
Oatside countertop display

Specially designed to showcase Oatside products, these displays are not only functional but also an embodiment of the brand’s aesthetics and values. 

These custom POSM was envisioned to be versatile, primed for activation across various trade channels, retail outlets, and promotional events. Such adaptability ensures that no matter the setting, Oatside’s products capture consumer attention, making them not just visible but irresistible. Our goal was to seamlessly blend Oatside’s brand essence with practicality, ensuring each piece of merchandise was a testament to their commitment to quality and innovation.

The Results:

Increased Visibility

Custom POSM significantly enhanced Oatside products’ visibility in supermarkets and other retail environments.

Competitive Differentiation

The unique, brand-specific POSM designs allowed Oatside’s offerings to effectively stand out in a crowded market, setting them apart from competitors.

Elevated Brand Recall

The cohesive and customized branding across the POSM ensured that consumers not only noticed the Oatside products but also remembered them, leading to higher brand recall.

DTC Services Used:

Design, Sourcing, Production, Logistics


This project underscored our capabilities in delivering customised POSM solutions that resonate with clientele objectives, going beyond mere promotional items to create impactful brand experiences. For Oatside, the collaboration isn’t just about enhancing visibility; it is about taking a strategic step towards reinforcing its market presence, enriching the consumer journey, and ultimately, driving sales and loyalty through engaging and memorable POSM. 

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Oatside posm standee display showcase featured