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Customised Plushies – Bring Brands to Life with Engaging Mascots

customised plushies showcase


For companies looking to capture the hearts of their customers, nothing says “engagement” like a cuddly, customised plushie. Our clients, ranging from tech companies like Zebra Technologies to consumer products giant Unilever, know the value of having a mascot or icon that not only embodies the brand but also offers a tangible touchpoint for customers. One of DTC World’s services took the challenge of transforming corporate symbols and special event themes into bespoke plushie designs, giving a soft and huggable dimension to their marketing efforts. 

Zebra Zippy Plushies for Zebra Technologies

Zebra Zippy Plushies

Embracing Tradition with Innovation: Custom Zebra plushie, donned in traditional Hanbok, celebrates cultural heritage for Zebra Technologies in South Korea. 

Toast-designed Plushies for Unilever Malaysia

Toast-designed Plushies

Bread Toast plushies for Unilever Malaysia, crafting a delightful connection with every hug.

Cloud-designed Plushie for Tenable One

Cloud design plushie

The Tenable One cloud-shaped plushie, offering comfort and a playful reminder of cybersecurity vigilance, supplied to Sydney.

We specialise in turning an organisation’s iconic logos and mascots into custom-shaped, themed, and designed plushies. Our unique ability to capture the essence of a brand in plush form is coupled with our expertise in meeting the specific requirements and themes of various events. Whether it’s the cloud motif for Tenable One’s cybersecurity excellence, the traditional Hanbok for Zebra Technologies, we ensure each plushie is an exclusive representation of the client’s brand identity.

The Results:

Stand-Out Promotional Merchandise

Unlike common promotional items, custom plushies offer a novel and memorable way to market a brand, ensuring it stands out from the competition.

Enhanced Brand Sentiment

Custom plushies embody the client’s brand in a tangible form, fostering a deeper emotional connection with customers.

Increased Customer Loyalty

These unique, physical representations of the brand serve as constant reminders of the customer’s experience with the brand, significantly boosting loyalty.

Conveys Company Culture and Identity

Each plushie is a soft symbol of the company’s values, mission, and aesthetic, providing customers and employees alike with a meaningful embodiment of the brand. 

DTC Services Used:

Design, Sourcing, Production, Logistics


Our capability to efficiently navigate regional fulfillment requirements ensures that promotional merchandise such as these customised plushies reach their intended destinations effectively, making us an ideal partner for global campaigns.


By partnering with us for your custom, brand-specific plushie needs, your organisation can look forward to creating lasting impressions that resonate with customers and celebrate your unique brand identity, all while enjoying the simplicity and reliability of comprehensive service from conception to delivery. 

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customised plushies showcase