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Oatside’s Customised Promotional Merchandise Collection

Oatside promo corporate merchandise showcase featured

Client: Oatside


For the forward-thinking brand Oatside, known for its innovative approach in the beverage industry, DTC World has the pleasure of bringing their brand essence into the tangible world. Through a series of bespoke promotional merchandise, we were tasked to encapsulate Oatside’s vibrant and unique brand identity. 

This exclusive series of Oatside merchandise was meticulously designed for use in events, sampling giveaways, GWP (Gift With Purchase) campaigns, and as corporate branding gifts.

Oatside Aloha Shirt
Oatside badges

Oatside Aloha Shirt, Customised Oatside Enamel Pins 

Oatside sticker pack
Oatside bear tote bag

Customised Oatside Sticker Pack, Creative Oatside Bear Tote Bag

What sets this collection apart is its engaging and cute design that not only resonates with Oatside’s brand values but also creates a memorable brand experience. The merchandise was intentionally crafted to serve as a physical manifestation of the Oatside ethos, embodying its playful, innovative, and approachable spirit.

The Results:

Increased Brand Engagement and Loyalty

The Oatside merchandise collection has proven to be exceptionally popular among consumers, leading to increased brand engagement and heightened customer loyalty.

Encouragement of Collection and Emotional Connection

The functional and attractive designs of items such as the tote bag and enamel pins have motivated customers to collect the full range. This has helped establish a stronger emotional bond with the Oatside brand.

Enhanced Social Media Visibility and Virality

A significant measure of success for this collection has been its viral spread and high visibility on social media platforms. Customers are excited to share their Oatside merchandise online, which further magnifies the brand’s presence and enhances its appeal.

DTC Services Used:

Customisation Design, Sourcing, Production, Logistics


Our partnership with Oatside underscores the power of customised promotional merchandise in not just elevating a brand’s visibility, but also in cultivating a community of brand advocates and loyal customers. It exemplifies how thoughtful merchandise can transcend traditional marketing, creating lasting impressions that resonate with audiences on a personal level. By focusing on the core principles of brand message consistency, design uniqueness, and quality, we help our clients like Oatside leave a substantial mark in their respective industries, challenging conventions and setting new benchmarks for brand-customer interactions.

This collaboration with Oatside is a testament to our dedication to providing innovative and comprehensive custom merchandise solutions, ensuring every piece of merchandise is a step forward in strengthening the brand’s market position. Through strategic planning, creative design, and meticulous execution, we turn branding visions into reality, fostering memorable connections between the brand and its most important asset—its customers.

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Oatside promo corporate merchandise showcase featured