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Amplifying Trukai’s Brand with Custom Promo Event Gifts

Trukai event gifts showcase featured

Client: Trukai Industries Limited


As a leading food and agricultural supplier in Papua New Guinea, Trukai Industries Limited has consistently endeavored to make a tangible impact through community-centered events. One of the collaborations with DTC World involved the creation of custom promotional merchandise for two significant events —the Trukai Fun Run and Morobe Show. DTC World provided a regional fulfillment service to supply the merchandise to Papua New Guinea.

Trukai Fun Run T-shirts and Mesh Caps

Trukai fun run tshirts
Trukai fun run caps

In alignment with Trukai’s commitment to quality and value, we ensured that each item, especially the Trukai Fun Run T-shirts, was crafted from superior materials, balancing cost-efficiency with high-quality standards. The Trukai mesh caps are perfect for outdoor events, these caps not only enhance the brand visibility but also offer everyday practicality, making them a hit with attendees.

Trukai Portable Speaker and Beach Umbrella

Trukai portable speaker
Trukai beach umbrella

Trukai branded portable speakers and beach umbrellas, offering the ultimate event experience, ensuring the brand stands out in the crowd and resonates with attendees long after the event. 

These promotional items were not only tailored to reflect the spirit of the events but were also designed to enhance Trukai’s brand visibility and engagement across diverse audience groups. 

Trukai event image
Trukai event image

Image source: Trukai

DTC World effectively leveraged our extensive sourcing and logistics capabilities to bring the overseas regional fulfillment project for Trukai in Papua New Guinea to successful fruition. By tapping into our vast network of quality suppliers and utilising our seasoned logistics expertise, we were able to source and deliver the custom promotional merchandise seamlessly across regional boundaries.

The Results:

Enhanced Event Visibility

Through strategically designed merchandise such as beach and golf umbrellas, we extended brand visibility outdoors, effectively capturing the attention of attendees and passersby.

Increased Brand Engagement

The use of branded speakers and mesh caps facilitated ongoing brand engagement, allowing event-goers to carry the brand with them in a functional and stylish manner.

Significant Fundraising Contribution

The appeal and quality of the merchandise led to higher sales, thereby increasing the funds raised for charity.

DTC Services Used:

Design, Sourcing, Production, Logistics


Our holistic approach to service—spanning design to logistics—ensured that all products were delivered on time to our client in Papau New Guinea, and in impeccable condition, aligning with the client’s schedule and exceeding their expectations. For Trukai Industries Limited, the objective was twofold: to elevate their presence at major community gatherings and to leverage these opportunities for meaningful philanthropy. The collection of customised promotional merchandise was pivotal in transforming these events into platforms of immense brand reinforcement and community interaction.

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Trukai event gifts showcase featured