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Promotional GWP Merchandise: Quaker Oats Microwavable Ceramic Bowls

Brand: Quaker Oats



These versatile and practical microwaveable bowls can serve as a powerful tool to engage customers and drive brand loyalty. A promotional gift project we have worked on for QUAKER OATS Malaysia, for their Gift-with-Purchase (GWP) campaign.


We have adapted eye-catching motifs with a mixture of vibrant colours mix to accentuate the brand’s logo and messaging — ensuring that the brand identity is prominently displayed on the product.




These microwaveable bowls are highly customisable with your preferred designs and finishings. Crafted from durable ceramic, it is designed for longevity, ensuring your brand stays front-and-centre for the long haul.


Comes with a robust lid, offering convenience and versatility, from heating to serving, they are your ideal kitchen companion, whether to store food item, or leftovers — a perfect storage container. The broad, smooth surface of the bowl is the perfect canvas for your custom prints, vividly displaying your logo and message. A kitchen favourite, they are ideal as a gift-with-purchase or limited edition giveaways across supermarkets and retail outlets.


The Ideas:

Suitable for any industry, businesses can introduce exclusive or seasonal microwaveable bowl designs to create a sense of exclusivity and urgency for customers to acquire them, thereby driving brand engagement and visibility.


Sustainable promotional gift ideas like this can echo your brand’s green message, through their reusable and eco-friendly nature. In addition, it also aligns with consumers’ increasing preference for sustainable products — hence, showcasing the brand’s commitment to environmental responsibility.


✅ Promotional campaigns (eg. redemption giveaways, commemorative gifts or memorabilia and souvenirs)


✅ Employee swag


✅ Seasonal / limited-edition event giveaways


✅ Tools to Drive Traffic to Your Website (eg. incorporating QR code on promotional mug)


✅ Exclusive collectible series


If you wish to explore more befitting promotional gift ideas to complement your marketing efforts, just give us a buzz. Our product specialists would be thrilled to share more insights with you.





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