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Nestle KitKat x Minions Disposable Cameras

Brand: Nestle KitKat


Everyone loves to take photos, to capture the precious moments in their lives. Even though we can use the camera functions in our smart phones conveniently, many of us do reminisce about the experience of taking photos with film cameras, and developing the film for the photos.

This KitKat x Minions designed single-use disposable cameras offered just the ideal experience! DTC was involved in the sourcing of quality disposable cameras, and also the fanciful and cute designs for the packaging of this popular gift item.

The KitKat x Minions cameras were used in Nestle’s gift-with-purchase promotional campaign, where consumers would receive this free gift with purchase of KitKat, Milo, Uncle Tobys, Smarties and Frutips products.

DTC Support: Design, Sourcing, Production, Logistics.

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