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Meiji: A Trade Visibility Success Story with Customised Display Standees

Brand: Meiji



In a competitive marketplace, visibility is key. Our mission with Meiji, well-known in the food and beverage manufacturing sector, was to create an innovative point-of-sale merchandise that not only enhanced product visibility but also reinforced Meiji’s brand presence in retail trade channels, such as supermarkets.


Meiji sought to distinguish its products within the highly competitive landscape of retail trade channels, like supermarkets, with dynamic and eye-catching point of sale displays. In response, our team, leveraging deep industry insights and innovative thinking, proposed a solution that seamlessly blended visibility, practicality, and innovation.


The cornerstone of our solution was to design unique standees fixed with pendulum swingers powered by solar panels (eliminating the need for electrical outlets). The swinging motion — inherently more attention-grabbing than a static display — coupled with the ecological innovation of using solar energy, marked a distinctive stride towards an eye-catching POSM.


Designed to resonate with the Meiji brand, these standees stood out for their bespoke branding and design, ensuring they captivate the target audience’s attention while aligning with Meiji’s brand identity.

The Results:


Enhanced Trade Visibility: Through the use of these standees, Meiji’s products carved out a unique and noticeable spot in crowded retail spaces.


Practical Innovation: The solar functionality removed the need for proximity to power sources, allowing flexible placement and reduced set-up time.


Increased Engagement: The dynamic movement of the standees heightened customer curiosity and engagement at the point of sale. The pendulum motion ensures the products are not just another item on the shelf, but a visual highlight within the retail environment.

DTC Services Used:


Design & Conceptualisation, Sourcing, Production, Logistics




Meiji’s custom solar standees stand as a testament to our dedication to creating innovative POSM solutions that are not just functional, but are specifically designed to capture consumer attention efficiently and effectively. Our engagement with Meiji showcases our commitment to providing merchandise that excels in trade visibility. This project underscores our capability to deliver end-to-end POSM solutions adept at driving both brand engagement and convenience for our clientele.


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