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Kose Infinity Exclusive Elegant Campaign Gifts

Brand: Kose Infinity  




Kose Infinity, one of the established brands in the luxury beauty market, sought to uplift its brand prestige and engage its distinguished clientele through an exclusive promotional event. Recognising the power of upscale promotional gifts, DTC World was engaged to create enticing products for the brand’s gift-with-purchase (GWP) promotion to accompany their high-quality beauty products. 


Our team meticulously designed and delivered two elegant merchandise items:

A Gradient Design Flask with LED Temperature Display: Perfect for the beauty-conscious clientele to stay hydrated while flaunting a stylish accessory.


A 21-inch Gradient Design Luggage: An embodiment of luxury travel, meeting both practicality and aesthetics, encouraging customers to showcase the brand on their ventures. 


The uniqueness of these gradient design merchandise lay in its subtlety and allure—appealing directly to Kose Infinity’s primarily female audience. The choice of a purplish colour scheme imbued the products with a sense of femininity and sophistication, aligning perfectly with the brand’s image and resonating with their customers’ tastes.

Kose Infinity Gift-with-Purchase promotion. Shoppers indulging in Kose Infinity’s beauty range with a minimum purchase of $350 received the sophisticated flask, while purchases over $580 were further rewarded with the exclusive luggage. Image source: Kose Infinity Facebook 


The merchandise was featured in Kose Infinity’s GWP promotion, intensifying branding efforts during this strategic campaign. This tiered strategy incentivised higher spending and boosted customer satisfaction.


The Results:

Heightened Customer Interest: The distinctiveness of the gradient design played a pivotal role in capturing customers’ attention. The higher perceived value of the elegant merchandise magnified the allure of Kose Infinity’s products, incentivizing customers to exceed the purchase threshold, thereby driving retail sales to new heights and paving the way for a marked increase in spending. 


Elevated Brand Promotion: Kose Infinity’s strategic inclusion of these custom-designed promotional products served as more than just incentives; they acted as ambassadors of the brand’s commitment to elegance and quality. This resulted in heightened brand awareness, creating memorable touchpoints with the consumers. 


DTC Services Used:


Design, Sourcing, Production, Logistics




By incorporating attractive and unique promotional merchandise into their marketing strategy, Kose Infinity successfully generated brand awareness and consumer excitement, setting a precedent for future campaigns that marry elegance with brand promotion. 


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