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10 trendy yet functional SHOPPING BAGS loved by shoppers

There is a growing trend of customers bringing their own shopping bags. More people are becoming more conscious about their impact on the environment. Another important factor that is pushing this trend is due to the changes in government and companies banning plastic bags, they charge extra for the plastic bag. As such, shopping bags have become a must-have in every household and even retail chain.

This growing trend has started the mass production of innovative shopping bags. Some bags were made out of paper, rattan, cloth, and recycled plastic. 

Here, we put together different types of reusable shopping bag designs and materials that you can consider for your next marketing campaign.

Sunny Large Eco Foldable Shopping Bag

This grocery bag is made of strong and long lasting ripstop oxford cloth with fine stitching, which is waterproof, durable and strong enough to hold groceries, like vegetables, milk, water, beer, canned food, etc. 

When you don’t use it, you can put it in any place. These foldable shopping bags can be folded into the attached pouch for easy storage in your pocket, purse, handbag or car console. 

It is also lightweight, which is convenient to carry out. Pockets at the 2 sides for easy access to your wallet, cards, phone and keys.

Customised Foldable Non Woven Bag

Recycled tote bags are extremely in demand now especially with the global call to reduce or even ban the use of plastic bags in our everyday lives. 

This bag allows the user to fold when not in use. Fully customised printing, large advertising space.

Foldable Canvas Bag

Reusable canvas bag with handle.

Foldable tote bag that can be collapsed into compact size when not in use. Easy to keep in the car or bag as an extra carrier.

Canvas Tote Bag with PU Handle

Stylish tote bag with PU leather strap. Classy chic looking bag. Suitable as a shopping bag, gift bag, and for daily use.

Foldable Trolley Shopping Handbag

Made of non-woven fabric, durable and reusable. A bag which fits on a shopping trolley to carry all your groceries. Reducing the use of plastic bags to protect the environment. It is foldable, saves space and has large capacity.

Waterproof Oxford Shopping Bag

This size is just large enough that you can fit everything you need but it’s not too heavy to carry. It fits nicely into the trolley. The handles are firmly attached and long enough to fit comfortably over your shoulder. Pockets at the 2 sides for putting your wallet, cards, phone and keys

Jute Bag with PU Leather Handles

Comes with leather handles to make it more elegant looking. Perfect day bag with enough capacity.

Customised Jute Shopping Bag 

Reusable, sturdy and environmentally-friendly bag. Suitable for grocery shopping, gift bag etc. Fully customisable with your own design.

Denim Shopping Tote Bag

Stylish and convenient design. Perfect for shopping, Gym, School, Vacation etc. Front pocket; convenient for easy access to wallet, cards, phone and keys

PP Woven Shopping Bag

Durable material with large capacity. Meet daily shopping needs, able to handle heavy weight. Fully customisable with your own design. 

What are you waiting for? Catch the Trend NOW. 

DTC can help you design and manufacture reusable shopping bags. Our team of product designers and merchandisers are here to help you with your promotional designs and sourcing cost-efficient customised reusable shopping bags.

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